Why Choose Sipgo

Sipgo is fast becoming Australia’s favourite reusable drinkware of choice! Find out why more people are now choosing us.

Our cups are made of kitchen-grade stainless steel.

We are dubbed as the “cup of steel” because our cups are highly durable and can last up to several years. As a bonus, our cups are covered by a lifetime guarantee. This has got to be the ONE CUP! Truly SUPER!


Double-wall vacuum insulation.

No other reusable cup lets you keep your drink hot for up to 8 hours or cold for up to 18 hours. This is because we are the only one to use this type of insulation technology. And did we mention that you won’t need cup sleeves anymore? No more burning or freezing your hands.

No aftertaste. No smell residue.

Your experience matters to us. Your drink always needs to be fresh and delightful. Hence, we chose our materials carefully. No traces of your previous drink even after reusing the cup over and over again.


Easy to clean.

Some people are using disposable plastic or paper cups because they find it time-consuming and daunting to wash their drinkwares. With Sipgo, be ready to go by simply washing your cup with warm water and a light detergent.

Safe to use.

Sipgo Reusable Drinkwares are all BPA and chemical-free. 100% safe for use of the entire family.


We love the planet.

Know that going pro-sustainability in as simple as what cup to use for your next coffee could make a big difference. Imagine the number of disposable paper coffee cups that are being thrown out to the ocean and other major waterways. Imagine the number of trees that need to be taken down for these cups. How about the plastics used to wrap the cups, it takes thousands of years for them to decompose. We love the planet and we know you do too. Choose eco-friendly products only.


Now that we have shared quite a lot about us, we hope that we have somehow convinced you just how amazing our drinkware products are. Shop now and start seeing the difference!

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