The Story Behind Sipgo


Ours is a simple story. But for the young and growing team that is behind Sipgo, our brand’s story is one for the books, a wonderful journey towards combining quality and sustainability together in all of our product releases.

Sipgo started out as an idea of a cup for people who are always on the go - persevering, hard-working, and very active people. Their idea of a reward can simply be just a nice cup of hot coffee, a cold smoothie, or a refreshing ice-cold fruit juice. They deserve these simple rewards. They deserve the satisfying experience of being able to enjoy their drinks fresh whenever and wherever!




Our research led us to find out that Australians are looking for drinkware products that can provide just that – cups that can keep their drinks the way it was prepared even after hours of going about their daily activities. At the same time, we value the importance of sustainability. We have committed ourselves to support the reuse and recycle movement. We are fully invested in making sure that our products are compliant to the most important quality standards of all – that our drinkwares are of the highest quality whilst being eco-friendly, sustainable, and practical to reuse.


Our very strong commitment towards bringing together quality and sustainability led us to Sipgo. Our flagship model – the Sipgo20 has been welcomed by many and we can only respond with the addition of a mini version, the Sipgo12. We will be adding more models in the months to follow, making sure that we are able to meet all of the market’s unique needs when it comes to drinkware products.